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Custom Forms Menu Options
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The custom forms module in CAREWare offers an option for accessing the custom forms data entry section from within the client record.  The default method, listed as Option 1 below, is the one that has been available since the Form Designer was implemented in CAREWare 6; the new method is listed as Option 2.

Option 1 (default behavior):

The custom forms access link appears as an option labeled “Custom Forms” within the vertical menu on the left-hand side of the client information tab, as shown here.













The “Custom Forms” link brings up a menu containing individual buttons for accessing the data entry history for each available custom form.

Option 2:

Alternatively, administrators can configure CAREWare to replace the standard “Custom Forms” link with a series of individual links for directly accessing the data entry history for each available custom form, as shown here.

















To enable this option, set the Common Storage Value with the variable name “verticalMenuFormDesigns” to a value of 1. 

The Common Storage Values editor requires the permission “Edit Common Storage” and is available within the Central domain at the path “Administrative Options > Server Management > Common Storage Values”.

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