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New Features in CAREWare
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With each new build of CAREWare new features or changes to existing features can occur. Some of these features were created by the jPROG programmers and some were created by providers or users of the CAREWare software. We strive to ensure that new features or changes to features occur as quickly as possible and make sure to honor the requests from the past when considering new changes. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that are considered when making changes to CAREWare including how those changes may affect the functionality of other modules, how those changes may impact other users, how those changes may impact another provider or users prior feature request, how those changes may impact HRSA reports, as well as time and budget constraints. Please feel free to contact the CAREWare Help Desk to discuss any feature request.


Below is a list of new features or changes to existing features by build. Click here to see a description of each of these changes.


Build 226


Added 2023 ADR changes


Build 225


Added 2024 Federal Poverty Level Calculations (CMS# 12143)

Added Every 6 Months for the medical visit frequency options (CMS# 10814)

Improvements to the Provider User Manager (CMS# 10731)
Improvements to Provider Data Exports  (CMS# 10841)


Build 214


Added the FHIR Interface

Improvements to the RSR (CMS# 11063, CMS# 11052, CMS# 7972, CMS# 7265, CMS# 12153)

Improvements to Annual Review Insurance Assessment (CMS# 11062)

Improvements to clinical data entry (CMS# 7936, CMS# 10534, CMS# 10535, CMS# 9958)

Improvements to custom reports work (CMS# 7751, CMS# 7878, CMS# 9727, CMS# 9730, 9732)

Improvements to Administrative Reports (CMS#9436)

Improvements for imports (CMS# 9740, CMS# 10060, CMS# 10909)

Improvements to Provider Data Exports (CMS# 10327, CMS# 10326, CMS# 10964, CMS# 11022, CMS# 11035, CMS# 11036)

Improvements to server management (CMS# 10332)

Improvements to Find Client (CMS# 10979)

Improvements to Provider Summary (CMS# 11058)

Improvements to custom field setup (CMS# 10799)

Improvements to performance measures (CMS# 10880, CMS# 11709)

Improvements to contracts report (CMS# 11196)

Add permission group activation/deactivation option

Changed how the User Group Report calculates

Changed how the password reset process works

Added the Custom Field Usage Tool

Add new client matching fields in the Provider Data Export

Created a new function to create the cw_events if it is missing so user can download it

Added option to hide/show custom report fields

Added First Eligibility Field Value and First Eligibility Field Value By Funding for the Date Diff custom report field

Improvements to custom subform custom reports

Added the custom forms report type

Improved User Action Report performance

Added new medication forms

Added option to map custom housing arrangement types to HRSA defined housing arrangement values




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