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Sharing Attachments
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Users can view attached documents from other providers by enabling Data Sharing options. This can reduce the number of documents providers need to upload for their clients as other providers may have already collected the documents and uploaded them to CAREWare. Sharing attached documents between providers can save time and data storage space.


To share documents between providers, the location where the custom attachment fields are active for those providers needs to be shared. If two providers intend to share documents for Eligibility, those providers need to enable data sharing for Eligibility and the attachment custom control needs to be active for Eligibility for both providers.


In this example, the provider Tester and the provider Default each have Provider by Provider Sharing enabled for Eligibility.


The Default provider has enabled data sharing for Eligibility to the Tester provider. 


The Tester provider has enabled data sharing for Eligibility to the Default provider.


Here we can see the client's Eligibility record includes records from Default and Tester.


Users can click the records for each provider and view the documents in the Eligibility record.



The custom controls Attachments and Consent Form are active for both providers.



Here the user can view the consent form from the Default provider.


By clicking the second record, the user can view the consent form for the Tester provider.



The ability to review documents from multiple providers means users can reduce duplication in uploaded documents and quickly review documents required for the client to meet eligibility. In this case, the provider can see the client has consent forms for both Part A and Part B eligibility completed.


Users can also link documents to other custom field locations by clicking the Link button.



Here, a document from Custom Tab 1 is listed as an option to link to Eligibility.


The linked document now appears in the Eligibility attachment list.



For Custom Client Tabs and Custom Annual Review, users only need to upload the files to share them across providers. These are considered Common Client Data fields. Common Client Data fields can be viewed in any provider the client is active for.



In this case, Custom Tab 1 has attached documents for the Default and Tester Providers. Sharing documents in the custom client tabs can occur regardless of data sharing being enabled.




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