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Resolution for HOPWA Issues
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While the HOPWA module is generating errors and the CAREWare Business Tier fails to update the module, some settings, fields, and values need to be updated in the CAREWare Database as a work around for this issue to get the HOPWA module working.


The following steps need to be completed on the CAREWare server:


  1. Get the list of HOPWA providers using the following query:


Use cw_data

Select *

From cw_domain

Where dmn_useHOPWA = '1' 



  1. Disable HOPWA for all providers using the following query:


Use cw_data

UPDATE cw_domain

SET dmn_useHOPWA = '0' 



  1. Restart the CAREWare Business Tier



  1. Drop the following column for custom subforms by running this query


Use cw_data

ALTER TABLE cw_custom_subform

DROP COLUMN F9db40e4e906a4c3a9e47287916c41afb


  1. Add the following custom field by running this query:


Use cw_data

Insert Into cw_custom_field (cst_fl_pk,    cst_fl_name, cst_fl_label, cst_fl_column_name, cst_fl_fld_tp_rfk, cst_fl_text_size, cst_fl_default_value, cst_fl_required, cst_fl_cnt_tp_rfk, cst_fl_pixels, cst_fl_last_updated, cst_fl_attachment_file_types, cst_fl_url, cst_fl_mask_char, cst_fl_mask_length, cst_fl_mask_left,      cst_fl_use_for_client_match, cst_fl_locked, cst_fl_auto_activate_values)


Values (newid(), 'HOPWA Area Median Income', 'HOPWA Area Median Income', 'f63CFFD369B44455BA43FB5BD73D5296B',

'2', '10', '', '0', '1', '64', GetDate (), '', '', '', '', '1', '0', '0', '1')



Once the database is updated, log into Central Administration to update contracts, custom fields, and activate HOPWA for the provider (s).


Add the contract item called HOPWA to the contract called HOPWA for the provider HOPWA




Activate HOPWA Area Median Income as a Custom Agency Field in Central Administration





Enable HOPWA for the provider HOPWA


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