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Financial Report
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The Financial Report generates an unduplicated count of clients by service category and/or subservices showing totals of units of services delivered, totals of expenditures, and totals of receipts of payment. The Financial Report is useful for confirming services by funding source in a date span, getting counts of clients that had at least one service, generating counts of services delivered by contract, and can be used to get the service section counts for the RSR, EHE Triannual Report, or WICY Report.


The Financial Report is based on the services report type of custom reports and includes all fields and filters from that report type. This includes the option to filter the Financial Report by custom service field values. In Central Administration, the Financial Report can be run as a multi-provider report, showing an unduplicated count of clients for all providers selected or have the results for those providers separated out by provider. These features makes the Financial Report a flexible and useful tool for quality checks for other pre-built reports in CAREWare, as a contracts report, and to check the quality of HRSA reports.




To access the Financial Report, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Financial Reports.


Provider Filter – Provides the option to select which providers are included in the report if the report is run in Central Administration.

Funding Source Filter – Limits the counts of clients and units of services by selected funding sources.

Edit Filter – Opens the custom report filter window.

Run – Produces the results of the report in a new tab.

PDF – Exports the results in PDF format opening in a new tab.

Save to My Reports – Saves the Financial Report Settings for the user.

Help – Opens the user guide for the Financial Report.

Cancel – Closes the Financial Report window returning the the report options.


To run a financial report, follow these instructions:

  1. Select a Begin Date.
  2. Select an End Date.


  1. Click Run.
  2. Click to View Financial Report.



The financial report has several additional features that can be used to refine results.


Edit Filter – Allows a user to include services report type custom filter criteria in the financial report. An example would be filtering for women and children by including report filters for age and gender.



Once filters are added the the Financial Report, check Apply Filter to filter the results of the report when run.



PDF – Will generate the results in a PDF format.

    1. Click PDF.
    2. Click to View Financial Report.


Include Subservice Detail? - If this is checked, the report includes subservices for each service category.

Note: The number of clients for each subservice are unduplicated and the number of clients for each service category are unduplicated. The total number of clients for the service category may be lower than the total for all clients for all subservices of that service category because a client may receive more than one subservice of a service category in that date span.

Include Provider InformationIf this is checked, the report includes the provider's phone number and address as entered in provider setup.

Pull Amount Received from receipts in the date spanIf this is checked, the report includes payments collected for services.

Apply FilterIf this is checked, the report includes filter criteria added to the report using Edit Filter and listed in Filter Description.

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