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The ADR Client Report is created in the ADAP domain. The CAREWare ADAP Drug Services and ADAP Insurance Services screens are designed to allow grantees who manage these services to track in detail client-level AIDS Drug Assistance information. These screens include a complete ADAP Drug List--searchable by generic medication name, brand name, or NDC--and include all client-level fields required for the ADAP Drug Report (ADR).

Here are instructions for updating the ADAP ADAP Drug List.

The minimum build required for the ADR is available here to download.

CAREWare has several report options for confirming that the ADR is accurate and that the ADR Client Report uploads to the EHB for reporting.

ADR Client Report – Generates the client level data to be uploaded to the EHB as an XML file.
ADR Viewer – Allows users to review the client level data results before uploading and to make corrections as needed.
ADR Validation Report – Lists potential errors which can be corrected prior to uploading the ADR Client Report to the EHB.

Note: In order for a client to be included in the ADR Client Report, the client must have an Enrollment History record of "receiving services," "on waiting list," or "services not requested." The client's last enrollment record remains the enrollment status until a new record is entered. For example, if a client's last enrollment history record is "Enrolled, Receiving Services" entered in June 2018, then that client will be included in the ADR Client Report for 2021.

The ADR instruction manual for the reporting year can be found hereHere are tips for the ADR from the DART team.

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