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Custom Field Templates
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CAREWare can import and export custom data as long as a customized template has been created and saved in CAREWare.

To create a Custom Field Template, follow these steps:


  1. Click Administrative Options.

  2. Click Data Import and Export Features.

  3. Click Provider Data Export.

  4. Click Custom Field Templates.

  5. Click Add.



  1. Enter the Template Name.



  1. Click Next.

  2. Check each custom field that should be added to the template.



Note: Make sure to verify the custom field is from the correct location:  cw_client_custom is for the custom client tabs and cw_service_custom is for custom service fields.



  1. Click Save.


The Custom Field Template can be edited by clicking the Custom Field Template to highlight it and clicking Edit Field List.


Once the custom field template is created, it can be accessed to create a customized template or to export a custom data set under New Export.


To apply a custom field template to an export, follow these instructions:


  1. Click New Export.

  2. Click Edit Custom Fields.



  1. Click Apply Template.



  1. Click a template to highlight it.

  2. Click Append template or Replace with Template Fields.



Append Template - Adds the template fields as additional fields.

Replace with Template Fields – Removes checked custom fields leaving only the custom fields saved in the template as selected.



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