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CAREWare FHIR App Settings Screen
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The CAREWare FHIR App Settings Screen is the place where knowledgeable IT staff set up and check a PDI FHIR Datasource connection with their EMR’s ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’ FHIR App.   Below are an image of the ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’ as seen in development in Epic’s FHIR sandbox and an image of the CAREWare’s FHIR App Setup screen.  Other certified EMRs have FHIR App portals as well.


Before you can connect to any ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’ at any EMR, you will need to work with your clinic’s management and EMR representatives to get approval.  Once our FHIR App is approved and made available to you on your EMR, you will need to follow the steps in the document ‘How to generate a unique public and private key PEM file and a PFX file for CAREWare’s PDI FHIR App setup’ so that you have what you need for the FHIR App Settings screen.


Once you have generated the keys you need, refer to your EMR instructions or other technical support for activating the ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’.  Part of this process will be setting the ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’s’ public key to the public *.pem file you generated in the previous prerequisite steps.  During the setup process you should save any production Client IDs and URLs for later use.

The last step before you are ready to use the FHIR App Settings screen is to place the PFX file in a safe directory that is accessible from the CAREWare Business Tier server.


Once the steps outlined above are complete you are ready to enter the information you have gathered into the FHIR App Settings screen.


PFX File Path


This is a file path that is accessible by the CAREWare Business Tier to the *.pfx file generated with the public key you have already configured your EMRs ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’ to use.  See ‘Prerequisites’ above.


PFX Password


This is the password for the *.pfx that you pointed to above.  See ‘Prerequisites’ above.


Client ID


This is the Client ID your EMR assigned the ‘CAREWare RSR Connector’ FHIR App to use.  It is possible you will be given two Client IDs, one for production and one for testing.  In this case you can start with testing and then switch to the production Client ID when ready.  See ‘Prerequisites’ above.


oAuth URL


This URL is given to you by your EMR, and it is where this PDI Datasource will go to authenticate access to the EMR’s FHIR R4 API.




This URL is given to you by your EMR and is where this PDI Datasource will go to access the EMR’s FHIR R4 API.



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