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CAREWare FHIR Overview

The CAREWare FHIR client can quickly be implemented for new interface projects because the FHIR API is a standard supported by most EMRs and EHRs. FHIR is developed by the HL7 organization that allows third-party applications like CAREWare to query and extract clinical and demographic information from your EHR/EMR. FHIR greatly eases the implementation process by leveraging standardized code sets used in EHRs and automatically identifying and mapping incoming data related to the RSR.

The main focus of the CAREWare FHIR client is on regularly querying your EHR for RSR-related data, thereby increasing completeness of reporting and reducing double data entry. CAREWare is built for the current version, R4. CAREWare FHIR is configurable so that more data above and beyond the fields required for the RSR can be retrieved if desired.


CAREWare FHIR User Guides


CAREWare FHIR App Settings Screen

Using the cwFhirPath Language

Generating RSA keys for the CAREWare PDI FHIR Datasource

Data Flow for Business Tier FHIR Client

FHIR Client Process

FHIR Resources Screen

How to generate a unique public and private key PEM file and a PFX file for CAREWares PDI FHIR App setup


CAREWare FHIR App Documents


cwFHIRPath Docs

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HOWTOG1.pdf FHIR_Client_Process.pptx Data_Flow_for_Business_Tier_FHIR_Client.pdf cwFhirPath_Language.pdf CW-FHIR_Overview.pdf
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