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FHIR Resources Screen
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This screen is where a PDI FHIR Datasource is configured to specify a FHIR API query and how the incoming JSON-formatted FHIR resource will be converted into a PDI CSV file.

Resource Name

Text that helps users identify this resource in lists.


CWFP File Name

The name of the cwFhirPath language file that finds specific values in the JSON-formatted FHIR resource returned as a result of the executed FHIR Query String.  This CWFP file determines where to look in the FHIR Resource for PDI CSV Column values.  See ‘How to View, Modify or Make cwFhirPath Language Files’ for further details.


FHIR Query String

A FHIR-formatted R4 query string.  In this FHIR Query String example, ‘/MedicationRequest?Patient=[patient_fhir_id]’, ‘[patient_fhir_id]’ is a bracketed column name that must exist in the parameters.csv.


Query Param CSV File Dir

The directory where parameter.csv files with a column named ‘patient_fhir_id’ are dropped to supply parameters to the FHIR Query String.


PDI CSV File Name

The destination PDI CSV file name associated with the columns specified in the CWFP file.



Space for a short description of what this resource configuration accomplishes.



Uncheck to deactivate this configuration without deleting it.

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