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Instructions for Resolving HL7 issues
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Here are potential solutions for the issue where HL7 files remain in the IncomingHL7Files folder:


  • Restart the HL7 related services. In this case those include the CAREWare Socket Server, CAREWare Quest Hub, and CAREWare Business Tier Services.



  • Check to see if one of the files in the incomingHL7Files folder also exists in the parsingErrorHL7Files or the processedHL7Files. If that is the case, the files have likely already processed at least once. This can happen in cases where a request is made to the lab or EHR to send the data again. If the records are deleted from the parsingErrorHL7Files or the processedHL7Files folders, CAREWare will process the files again.



Here are potential solutions if an import file displays Import Provider is Not Set in the status under Import History:


  • There is a duplicate copy of the import settings for that HL7 data source under Unmapped Providers. This can be resolved by editing that setting listed under Unmapped Providers and saving it. If the record remains, edit the import settings and verify that the value for HL7ClientPIDSegment is populated. If that field is blank, enter the number 2 and save the value.



Note: It is possible the value for that PID segment may need to be 3 or 4 depending on the file sent; however, the default value is 2.


  • If this issue is affecting many or all HL7 Import Settings records, the field can be updated for all HL7 import settings records by running the query here in the database.


Here are possible solutions for Active HL7 provider settings appearing in the Unmapped Providers list.


  • If HL7 import setting remains in the Unmapped Providers list, run the query here in the CAREWare database.


Note: It is possible that the HL7 import settings may appear in the Unmapped Providers list again when new files are uploaded. In that case, the query needs to be run again.


Here are possible solutions for missing mappings values appearing more than once in the Edit Mappings list.


  • Complete the mapping for one of the records and then click Refresh Counts. In most cases, the missing mapping is duplicated, and completing a single mapping clears all of the duplicate mappings as well.


Here are possible solutions for missing mappings for test definitions appearing as a code rather than the name of the test.


  • Try searching for the test name. If the test name exists in the list, complete the mapping for that. The missing mapping records with the codes are also resolved if a single mapping for the name is completed and the Refresh Counts button is clicked.
  • Run the query here in the CAREWare database to get a list of the test codes with the matching test name.


Here are possible solutions for clients appearing more than once in the Manual Client Matching list.


  • Complete the matching for one client record and then click Refresh Counts. Matching a single client record should complete the matching for all copies of that same client.
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