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Custom Service Categories
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User can create custom service categories as a means of tracking services, budgets, and billing for non-RW funded services through financial reports, custom reports, or performance measures. These customized service categories are always excluded from HRSA reports and should always include names significantly distinct from HRSA defined service categories like Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services or ADAP Insurance Services. Uses names that are too similar may cause confusion or issues with the completeness and accuracy of reports. If these custom service categories are included in RW funded contracts, those custom service categories are considered RW funded for the financial report or other reports when filtered by funding. The subservices of the custom service categories are still excluded from HRSA reports even if they are included in RW funded contracts.

  1. Log into the Central Administration domain

  2. Click Administrative Options.

  3. Click Service/Contract Setup.

  4. Click Custom Service Category Manager.



  1. Click Add.



  1. Enter a Name.

  2. Click Save.



Once the custom service category is added to the list, it now appears as an option for adding new subservices for that category under the Subservice Manager.


Once a subservice has been added for the custom service category, that service can be activated for a contract for use by following the instructions here.

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