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User Group Report
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The User Group Report shows users that logged in within the date span and the list of user groups that they had at the time of any login during that period.



To run the User Group Report, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Administrative Reports.
  3. Click User Group Report.
  4. Set the From date.
  5. Set the Through date.
  6. Click Run Report.



The results include information about the user as well as the user group, status, and the last time the user logged in. This can provide a history of user group permissions for the user as well as login times to inform CAREWare administrators.



If a user appears in the report with a status of RTD, that user is retired. If a user appears in the report with a status of ACT, that user is active.



Additional Options when running the User Group Report:


Provider – When the User Group Report is run in Central Administration, users need to select which providers are included in the report.

Set to Last 2 Weeks – Adjusts the From date to today’s date and the Through date to 14 days earlier.

CSV – Exports the report results as a downloadable CSV file.

Status Label – Limits the report results to Active or Retired users.

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