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Contract Change History
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The Contract Change History Report details changes made to contracts by contract, provider, and user. The details include an explanation of each type of change to the contract, when those changes occurred, and a description of the data elements changed for the contract. CAREWare administrators can use this information to track changes to contract funding or find out when services were added to a contract. This can be valuable information when trying to resolve issues where services need to be removed from a contract by merging them or to identify a point in time when a new contract should have been created instead of the funding source changed due to changes in a grant.



The Contract Change History details can be viewed in a new tab or downloaded by clicking CSV to download the list of changes as a CSV file.



To view the Contract Change History Details, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Reports.

  2. Click Administrative Reports.

  3. Click Contract Change History.

  4. Click a Contract Name.

  5. Click Details.


The Contract Change History Details listed in this example show changes to funding sources, changes to default prices for services, services added to contract items, and new contract items added to contracts. Understanding what changes were made and when for contracts can be useful in determining changes that affect reports like the financial report, custom reports, performance measures, the ADR, the RSR, or the EHE Triannual Report.


Change Date – The date the change was made to the contract.

User – The user that made the change to the contract.

Change Type – What aspect of the contract was changed.

Record Name – The label of the data element that the change affected.

Description – The details of the data that was changed.

Table Name – The table in the CAREWare database where the changed record is stored.

Field Name – A description of the type of change or the data element that was changed.


In the example above the funding source was changed for the contract as the user added the funding source Part B. Adding a RW funding source to a contract sets all of the active subservices for that contract as RW funded. If this was a non-RW funded contract in the past, this change now sets the service categories for those subservices to count for the RSR and count as Part B funded for the financial report. When users are unsure why services or clients are missing from the RSR, it may be due to changes to contracts like a change in the funding source where a contract funding was RW funded and was at some point changed to non-RW funded. While adding subservices often can't be changed once services are delivered, changes to funding sources can be done at any time.


Note: If the Contract Change History Details need to be downloaded, use the Print or Export option to download them in PDF or CSV format.


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