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Search Change Details
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Search change details allow users to see changes to a client's record. The results can be automatically set to the last two weeks, or a custom date can be set using the calendar fields.


Additional filters can be set for:

User – The CAREWare user name for the staff that made the change.

URN – The client's URN, generated using the client’s first name, last name, DOB, and gender.

Domain Name – The provider domain where the change was made.

Record ID – The ID for the change log record. This is assigned by CAREWare.

Table – The table for the record changed, e.g. Services, Demographics, Annual Review.

Description – This text is the description of the change. The term Price could be used if a service price was changed.

Once the date and filters are set:

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Run Report.

Any individual record can be viewed by clicking that record to highlight it and clicking View.


The Date of the record is the date the record was changed and not the date entered. A service entered on 5/1/2018 may appear in the report as 7/9/2018 if the service was edited on that day.


To print values in a window click Print or Export to get to the Report Setup.


Click Printable List Format Options to edit the format of printed pages.


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