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RSR Client Viewer
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The RSR Viewer shows aggregate counts of the clients reported on the RSR and allows users to find clients easily and adjust any incorrect clinical data. The instructions for creating an RSR can be found by clicking here. It also includes calculations for the completeness of the data, including quarterly calculations for services, labs, and linkage to care as well as calculations for racial subgroups.

To view the RSR, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click HRSA Reports.
  3. Click RSR Viewer.


  1. Click Choose File.

  1. Select the client export file



  1. Click Open.



  1. Click View RSR File.


The RSR Viewer shows the results of that client export file.



Count – Number of clients for that row. Ex. 2. Viral Status (OAHS/CM) with a Count of 448. That means there were 448 clients that had Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services, Medical Case Management Services, or Non-Medical Case Management Services and were eligible for the RSR.

Percentage – Percentage of the total clients for the question/category. For example, 430 Alive clients is 96% of the total clients for Vital Status. The completeness is 100% as 0 clients are listed under missing.

Missing – Clients that are required to have a record for that question and are missing a record or missing a record with a date during the reporting period.

The client list for each question or result for a question can be viewed by following these instructions:

  1. Click a row to highlight it.
  2. Click View Client List.


Once the client list appears, view any client by following these instructions:

    1. Click a client to highlight the client.
    2. Click Go To Client.



The client’s record opens, showing the data selected on the previous screen, and can be edited to complete the required data.


An X is added under Viewed, marking each record that has been reviewed.


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