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CAREWare produces the Ryan White Service Report (RSR), a client-level data export required by HRSA for recipients of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funding. Users can upload the Client Report (an XML file) to HRSA, and they can also view those files within CAREWare.

The minimum build required for the RSR is available here to download.


Providers and users require the Permission Run RSR to access the RSR. Here are instructions for updating permissions for provider and user groups.


Once permissions are granted, the RSR client report can be created by following the instructions here.

Once the report is saved, the RSR data can be viewed using the RSR Client Viewer.


The RSR Validation Report can be run to check for alerts, warnings, or errors that would appear in the EHB if the file was uploaded. Each client has an RSR Client Validation which displays the same checks for that individual client for the current and prior year on the client’s record.


Clients need to be eligible for RWHAP funded services to be included in the RSR. For more information about eligibility click here.


To learn more about completing RSR reports, download the RSR documents here. To review training provided by DISQ for the RSR click here.


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