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Eligibility Status includes the history of a client’s eligibility and determines if the client is eligible for Ryan White-funded services and is to be included in the RSR.


Follow these instructions to add an eligibility record:  


  1. Log into a Provider. 
  2. Click Find Client
  3. Type in a client's identifying information. 
  4. Click Search
  5. Click the client’s name.
  6. Click Details.​ 



  1. Click Demographics.


A client currently not eligible has this listed in his or her Eligibility Status.​ 


  1. Click Eligibility 
  2. Click Add     .


  1. Enter the Eligibility Date
  2. Select Yes/No for Is Eligible
  3. Select the Funding Source
  4. Click Save


Once the Eligibility is updated with Yes for Is Eligible and a RW, Care Act, or RW-Related funding source, the client’s Eligibility Status changes to Ryan White Eligible.



Clients can be eligible for multiple funding sources. They need separate Eligibility records for each applicable funding source. For instance, they may be eligible for Part A services on 2/1/2021 and Part C services on 3/1/2021. A separate Eligibility record is created for each funding source and date.


The date span in which clients are Ryan White eligible determines which services count for RSR reporting. If clients receive Ryan White-funded services before or after an eligibility period, those services do not count toward the RSR report, with the exception of Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services. If a client is eligible for Outpatient Ambulatory Health services any time during the RSR report year, all Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services are included in the RSR. For all other services, they are only counted if the service date is during the time frame the client is eligible for any RW, Care Act, or RW-related funding source. 


To access the Eligibility tab, permissions need to be granted for the provider as well as the relevant user group.



To grant Eligibility permissions for a provider, follow these instructions:


  1. Log into the Central Administration.   
  2. Click Administrative Options.   
  3. Click Provider User Manager.   
  4. Click Manage Providers.   
  5. Click the Provider.   
  6. Click Manage.   
  7. Click Manage Permissions.


  1. Type Eligibility in Search.   
  2. Click a Status/Eligibility permission. 
  3. Click Grant Individual Permission. 
  4. Repeat until all Status/Eligibility permissions are granted.   


To grant Eligibility permissions for a user group, follow these instructions: 


  1. Log into the Central Administration
  2. Click Administrative Options  
  3. Click Provider User Manager
  4. Click Manage User Groups
  5. Click Provider User Groups
  6. Click a User Group Name. 
  7. Click Manage
  8. Click Change Permissions.


  1. Type Eligibility in Search.   
  2. Click a Status/Eligibility permission.
  3. Click Grant Individual Permission. 
  4. Repeat until all Status/Eligibility permissions are granted.     


In addition to the Eligibility permissions above, users need to have the permission for Find Client granted as well as one of the permissions below to access the Eligibility menu.  


  • Run Financial Report   
  • View Contracts  
  • Add/Edit/Delete Contract  
  • Add/Edit Contract Items  
  • Delete Contract Items  
  • Export Contract File  
  • Import Contracts  


Users who try to access the Eligibility tab without the proper permissions receive an error.


Note: Eligibility records from other providers can be shared, making the client eligible for the RSR if the most recent Eligibility Status record from any data-sharing provider indicates that they are. Here are instructions for data sharing.

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