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User Activity Report
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The User Activity Report displays each user that logged into CAREWare by date and provider as well as the number of times that user committed an action in that provider.



The User Activity Report can be filtered by date, provider, user, and number of actions in the provider using the Minimum Hit Count field. The report is only available in Central Administration. If the Provider field is blank, the report displays all providers. The Minimum Hit Count is a numeric field and can be set to a number greater than zero to filter the report by connections with large amounts of activity.


Run Report – Opens the report results in a new tab.

Set To Last 2 Weeks – Adjusts the Through date to today's date and the From date to 14 days earlier.

CSV – Exports the report results in CSV format to be downloaded.


To run the User Activity Report, follow these instructions:


  1. Log into Central Administration.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. Click Administrative Reports.

  4. Click User Activity Report.

  5. Click Run Report.



User – User name that connected to the provider and committed actions.

Provider – Name of the provider the activity occurred in.

Span Start – Date and time for the first connection to the provider for that instance.

IP Address – IP Address of the computer the used to log into CAREWare.

HitCount – Number of connections to the provider by the user for that period of activity.


The Search field can be used to limit the results to a specific user, provider, date, or IP Address.

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