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Database Connection String
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The CAREWare business tier connects to the database using the database connection string setting stored in the BusinessTierSettings.xml file. The CW Admin utility can be used to edit the database connection string and test the connection between the business tier and the database. The CW Admin utility is located at C:\Program Files\ CAREWare Business Tier\CW Admin by default.

To edit the database connection string:

  1. Right click CW Admin.
  2. Click Run as Administrator.
  3. Click Stop Server.
  4. Click Connection String Management.
  5. Click DatabaseConnectionString.
  6. Click Edit Selected.

Server Address – The name of the PC/Server where the CAREWare database instance is installed and the name of the CAREWare database instance.

Database Name – The name of the CAREWare database in the SQL database instance.

SQL login ID – The SQL login that is the database owner for cw_data.

Password – The password for the SQL login ID.

Show – Displays the hidden password for the login.

Encrypt In Settings File – When checked the database connection string is encrypted in the BusinessTierSettings.xml file.

Test Connection – Tests the connection between the CAREWare business tier and the CAREWare database.

Save – Saves changes to the database connection string.

Cancel – Closes Edit Selected without saving changes to the database connection string.

  1. Once the database connection string has been edited, click Save.
  2. Click Server Settings.
  3. Click Start Server.

To test the database connection string:

  1. Click Connection String Management.
  2. Click Test Connection.

If there is a connection error, make sure the SQL Server instance service is started and then start the business tier service.

  1. Click Services.
  2. Click the database instance name under Service Name (i.e.


  1. Click Start Service.
  2. Click CAREWare Business Tier Service.
  3. Click Start Service.

For any other error, type the error in quick search here or contact the CAREWare Help Desk.


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