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Resolving Timeout Errors
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In CAREWare some errors are a result of timing events, where processes require too much time or need more time to complete. In some cases, providing more time can resolve the issue, however that can mean the process takes longer. When running reports, CAREWare allows for 30 minutes using the default settings. The report may complete by extending the report timeout setting, however it may be more efficient to resolve the cause of the report taking a long time. That may mean completing maintenance on the CAREWare database, restarting the CAREWare Business Tier service, or adjusting filters in the report to make it a more efficient report.


If CAREWare appears to be running slow a good first step is to restart the CAREWare Business Tier service. This can trigger CAREWare to update lists it references making CAREWare run more efficiently. If CAREWare appears to slow down again after some time, it may indicate CAREWare should be restarted with some frequency like once a week.


Here are instructions for using the CW Admin Utility to restart the CAREWare Server.


It is important to complete maintenance of the CAREWare database so that CAREWare runs as efficiently as possible. Here are a few steps that can be taken to maintain the CAREWare database


  • Make sure the compatibility level setting is set to the latest version of SQL installed by following the instructions here.
  • Make sure the database log remains a manageable size and can shrink when needed. Here are instructions to resolve issues where the SQL Transaction Log fails to shrink. Here is more information about the shrink operation for SQL logs. 
  • Reindex the database by running maintenance and Advanced Indexing Options queries. Here is the query for Advanced Indexing Options. Here is the maintenance query to improve indexes.


If user's or CAREWare need more time to complete task, timer settings can be extended to allow that extra time by updating Common Storage Settings. Here are instructions for updating Common Storage Settings.


Here are some examples of timer event settings that can be updated.


  • PasswordResetTokenExpiration (Default 60 seconds)
  • PDETimeoutinSeconds (Default 2400 seconds)
  • reportTimeout (Default 30 minutes)
  • LoginStepTimeout (Default 180 seconds)
  • ConnectivityTimeoutSeconds (Default 60 seconds)


The User Timeout Setting is set to limit how long users can be idle and needs to be adjusted in the CAREWare Business Tier CW Admin Utility. In soem cases user's need more time to perform tasks that do not trigger the user timeout setting to reset, like writing long case notes. Here are instructions to reduce timeouts for users.



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