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Instructions for setting up CAREWare 6 using IIS as a reverse proxy
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By default, CAREWare 6 uses its own lightweight http server to handle communication between the Client and Business Tiers. This configuration works for most use cases, but sometimes an organization already has standardized on IIS for TLS certificate management or other reasons and wishes to use IIS. These instructions describe how to set up such a configuration.

Set up IIS to forward traffic to the CAREWare HTTP Server

If you have not already done so, install the current versions of the CAREWare HTTP Server and Business Tier using the installers available from the links here.

Configure CAREWare to work with your server configuration. Verify that you can connect to CAREWare from the machine that its HTTP Server is installed on by connecting to http://localhost:8080/careware/rs/index.htm in a browser window. If you can log in to CAREWare from this page, then you are ready to proceed. Ensure that firewall rules do not allow any incoming connections on port 8080 and that it is only possible to connect to this port via localhost on the server itself.

Install IIS using the method appropriate for your operating system. In Windows Server, you can use the Server Manager to install IIS. In Windows 10, use the Turn Windows features on or off dialog. Next, you will need to install the URL Rewrite module for IIS, available here.

Open IIS Manager and create a new site or select an existing one. This site should be configured to accept only encrypted HTTPS traffic on port 443. Locate your wwwroot folder (default location is %SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot) and create a new folder here called CwProxy. Select View Applications from the right-side menu. From the list of applications hosted by the web site, select Add Application from the menu. Enter 'careware' as the Alias and browse to the CwProxy folder to select the Physical path. It is important that the Alias is set to careware; otherwise the proxy will not work.


Once you have added the new web application, you should see it in the list with the Virtual Path '/careware'. Double click this application and find Url Rewrite in the list that appears. Select Add Rule from the right-side menu and choose Reverse Proxy from the dialog that appears. In the next dialog, under Inbound Rules, enter localhost:8080/careware for the address where incoming requests will be forwarded. Ensure that Enable SSL Offloading is selected and that Rewrite the domain names of the links in HTTP responses is not selected. Click OK.


From a machine other than your server, navigate to the externally-facing address that is handled by your IIS server and confirm that you can connect to CAREWare. The address should be something like If you are able to connect, then you have successfully set up IIS as a reverse proxy for CAREWare.

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