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HL7 Map Test Definitions and Qualitative Results
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At this stage the following HL7 import setup steps should have already been completed:


  • External Lab files have been saved in a folder polled by CAREWare.
  • HL7 Messages have successfully been parsed by CAREWare and validated against the set of constraints required for importing.
  • Data from HL7 messages have been processed, and an administrator has already completed the Map Provider and Map Client steps.


The Lab Test Mapping Tool includes options for mapping incoming tests and results to CAREWare definitions and values. Clicking Map Test Definitions and Qualitative Results displays the list of imported tests. If tests or results are left unmapped, they are left in the queue until they are mapped, skipped, or purged.



To map a test definition, follow these instructions:


  1. Click the Lab Name.


  1. Click ‘Managewhich brings the user to the screen below



  1. Click View Test Mapping.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Type in the expected RW CAREWare Test Definition or click the search icon to find the test.
  4. Click the test to select it.
  5. Click Save.


Here is what the controls on this screen represent:


MSH3 (Application ID) – ID of sending lab

OBX4.0 (Lab ID) – Test identifier

OBX4.1 (Lab Name) – Test label from sending lab

RW CAREWare Test Definition – CAREWare Test name

Skip – If checked, the incoming test is not imported. It is recommended to skip test codes that are not desired in CAREWare.

Keyword Search – If checked, keywords can be activated for this lab in search results. This feature enables users to search for keywords in comments and use those keywords to map results in CAREWare.


NOTE: Admin users with medical knowledge are advised to complete the test and result mapping steps. Once results are completely imported and displayed as patient records, any mapping changes would not affect the already imported results. Those mappings are effective when importing any data sent to CAREWare after the mappings are changed. In addition, when importing from a single data source, any test and result mappings affect the import across multiple providers.


The next menu item is Last HL7. It provides details including the result, order details, and reference range for the last imported record for the test code/mapping. It is intended to assist admin users deciding on CAREWare test definitions by providing more information.




The next item on the menu is Purge By Test.



Confirming this action deletes records for that lab from the import queue. This should be used with great caution and with the knowledge that purging is enforced on all import data received for the test and could also affect data for multiple providers. Purging only affects results in the holding tank; it does not impact any results already imported into client records.


The final menu item is for Clinical Setup. Clicking Clinical Setup and selecting a provider opens the menu for adding and editing CAREWare tests.


Qualitative labs have more options than the Quantitative labs because of the additional result mapping required for import.



Map Qualitative Results


If a qualitative result needs to be mapped, that test remains in the unprocessed queue until the mapping is completed by an admin user.



To complete the mapping for the qualitative result, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Map Qualitative Results.
  2. Click the Reported Result.
  3. Click View.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Search for the result in RW CAREWare Qualitative Result by typing the expected result or using the search icon.
  6. Click the result to select it.
  7. Click Save.


If a result should be excluded from imports, select Skip and that lab result will no longer be imported.


Purge Holding Tank: Confirming this action cleans up records in the queue that are not to be imported. This should be used with great caution and with the knowledge that purging is enforced on all import data received for the result.


Keyword Search: If keyword search is chosen for a qualitative lab, admin users can set up keywords to search within comments (the NTE segment immediately following the OBX result segment). Keywords are ranked by priority and the matched keyword with the highest priority will be assigned as a result value for the incoming test. If none of the keywords set up for the test mapping are identified within comments, the import process assigns a "NULL" result and moves on to the next step.


Range Mapping Setup

In some cases, numeric values are reported for qualitative tests. Range Mapping setup is intended to prevent users from having to match each result within a range. These numeric results can be mapped to a qualitative result by setting a range of values and mapping each range to a qualitative result. Details are listed below.



To add a range mapping to a test, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Range Mapping Setup.
  2. Click Add.


  1. Enter a Group Description.


Current Test only - Checking this limits scope of usage to this qualitative test only. Leaving it unchecked leaves the option to apply these mappings to other test codes with the similar results.


  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Range Mapping Items.



  1. Click Add



  1. Enter the Max. Value.
  2. Search for the RW CAREWare Qualitative Result to which the range of values is mapped.
  3. After completing the range map setup, choose the Use Selected Mapping menu item to apply the range mapping to the current test code.


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