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Manage Users
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Users' access to different CAREWare features depends on which permissions are granted to their accounts in the Provider User Manager. Permissions can be granted individually or in groups.  The Provider User Manager can also be used to give users access to different providers. These and other features are described below.

To add a new user to CAREWare:

  1. Click Administrative Options.
  2. Click Provider User Manager.
  3. Click Manage Users.
  4. Click New User.
  5. Enter the user's information.
  6. Click Save.

Users enter the Username/Login ID at the login screen for CAREWare. The option to Force Password Reset on first login prompts users to enter their own passwords after they attempt to log in using the temporary password entered on the New User screen.

Once a user has been added, providers need to be assigned to the user.

  1. Click Assign Providers.
  2. Check each provider to be assigned.
  3. Click Save.

Permissions are granted for the user in each provider assigned. The easiest way to grant permissions to a user is to grant access to a user group.

If the user is a Central Administration user, grant permissions in Manage Permissions.

  1. Click Manage Permissions.
  2. Click Assign User Groups.
  3. Click the checkbox for the User Group Name.
  4. Click Save.

If the user needs permissions for another provider:

  1. Click Administrative Options.
  2. Click Provider User Manager.
  3. Click Manage Providers.
  4. Click the provider to highlight it.
  5. Click Manage.
  6. Click Manage Users.
  7. Click the Username to highlight it.
  8. Click Manage.
  9. Click Manage Permissions.
  10. Click Assign User Groups.
  11. Click the checkbox to select the User Group Name.
  12. Click Save.

Once the user has been added, the user account can be managed by clicking Manage Users, selecting the user, and clicking Manage User.

User Info – Update the user's contact information, including the email address used for the password reset manager.

Assign Providers – Grant access to providers prior to setting permission for that user for those providers.

Assign Provider Groups – Grant permissions  to the user by assigning group permissions by provider.

Manage Permissions – Permissions can be set for this provider by user group or individually.

Locked Providers – Revoke access to a provider without revoking permissions for that provider.

Change Password – Reset the user's password here. The user can enter his or her own password after successfully logging in with the new password by checking Force Password Reset.

Change User Name – Change the user's name here. New users should get their own account rather than allowing a new staff member to use an old staff member's account by changing the username. Any data entry from the previous staff using this account is recorded in the logs in CAREWare. Having staff share the same account would make auditing changes in CAREWare difficult to track.

Change OIDC Matching Values – The alias is an ID that users set up for single login applications.

Reset Security Questions – If a user answers security questions incorrectly, most of the buttons in the main menu will be grayed out until the security questions are reset here.

Undo Password Lockout – If a user is locked out due to entering his or her password incorrectly, he or she can be unlocked here.

Reset Internal 2 Factor Key – This may resolve issues with Two Factor Authentication connections.

Manage Report Field Restrictions – Restrictions can be set for results in reports, limiting the data a user can see or export.




User Notices – Lists user notices and the date the user acknowledged the notice.

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