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Unlocking User Accounts using CW Admin
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To reset a user account using the CW Admin Utility, follow the instructions here:


  1. Go to C:\Program Files\CAREWare Business Tier.
  2. Right click CW Admin.
  3. Click Run as Administrator.
  4. Select the Emergency Password Reset tab.
  5. Enter the User Name.
  6. Enter a Temporary Password.
  7. Enter the password again for Repeat Password.
  8. Click Save.


Now that the temporary password is saved, the user’s old password has been replaced and the account is unlocked.



The user can now log into CAREWare using the temporary password.



Once the user logs in using the temporary password, the user is prompted to enter a new password and retype that password.



At this point the account has been reset and the user can log in using the new password.






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