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Provider User Manager
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The Provider User Manager is a flexible tool that allows administrators to assign any combination of hundreds of individual permissions to users, tailoring their access to CAREWare.



















The Provider User Manager allows CAREWare Administrators to create permission templates for user groups such as Data Entry or Physician and assign these templates to users. It also allows provider-specific restrictions, unlocking user accounts, retiring users, and management of all providers via Central Administration.


In Central Administration, the Provider User Manager can be used for:


  • adjusting provider permissions and user groups
  • granting permissions to share data in reports
  • adding and deactivating providers


Here are instructions for managing providers.


The User Notices feature in the Provider User Manager generates a message when users log in that requires the user to acknowledge the message. This can be used as a reminder of the Provider's policies or to prompt users to complete data entry.


In the Provider, the Provider User Manager can be used to manage a number of tasks including unlocking users, resetting the internal 2 Factor Key, resetting security challenge questions, or managing Open ID Connect values for users. Instructions for Provider level options in the Provider User Manager can be viewed here.

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