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Manage Providers
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Provider permissions, data sharing settings, and user access can be managed in Central Administration in the Provider User Manager by clicking Manage Providers.




















To add providers, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Manage Providers.
  2. Click Add Provider.











Note: ADAP should be checked only for an ADAP provider, which reports services for the ADR. CAREWare can only have a single ADAP provider.


  1. Enter the Provider Name.
  2. Click Save.


A new provider needs permissions granted, users added, and the provider setup completed.


Granting permissions for the provider can be completed by following the instructions here. Managing users for the provider can be completed by following the instructions here. Provider setup can be completed by following the instructions here.


If Data Sharing options are enabled, permissions need to be granted to the provider to allow shared data to be included in Custom Reports . This is done by making changes to the cross-provider report fields:


  1. Click Change Cross-Provider Report Fields.



















  1. Select each permission that should be granted.


Note: Each permission represents a custom report field selection or report filter. Select All can be clicked to select all of the permissions for one page.


  1. Click Grant Selected Permissions.
  2. Click Back.


The cross-provider report fields have been updated; this is indicated by the change in the number of permissions granted.




















Once the provider permissions are granted, users are active, and the provider setup is complete, the provider is ready for data entry and further configuration.


In some cases, providers need to be deactivated. Once Deactivate Provider is clicked, permissions and access for users are denied. The provider no longer appears as an option to select when logging into CAREWare. To activate the provider again, click Reactivate Provider.

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