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Error Adding Client Record
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Some users have experienced an error adding a new client record.


To resolve the error:


  1. Log into Central Administration.
  2. Click Find Client.
  3. Enter the client's identifiers in the search fields.
  4. Click Client Search.
  5. Note a provider listed for that client.
  6. Close the Find Client tab.
  7. Click Switch Providers.
  8. Select that provider from the search results.
  9. Click Find Client.
  10. Enter the client's identifiers in the search fields.
  11. Click Client Search.
  12. Click the client's record.
  13. Click View Details.
  14. Click Demographics.
  15. Click Personal Info.
  16. Change the client's DOB by one year.
  17. Click Save.
  18. Click Personal Info.
  19. Change the DOB back to the correct value.
  20. Click Save.
  21. Add the client in the provider domain that was experiencing the error.


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