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PDI Import Settings
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Prior to importing data into CAREWare, providers need to be configured by updating the PDI Import Settings.


Follow these instructions to access the PDI Import Settings:


  1. Click Administrative Options.
  2. Click Data Import and Export Features.
  3. Click Provider Data Import.
  4. Click PDI Import Settings.



Client/Annual Review Options


Adding new clients


  • Automatically add new clients (Default) – If an incoming client record does not already exist, the client will automatically be added as a new client during the import process.
  • Manually add new clients – client records that match existing clients will be processed and the existing records updated. Client records that do not exist will not be added; users will need to manually add new client records (or matching incoming clients to existing ones).


Client Matching


  • Client eURN (default) – Matches clients on the encrypted unique identifier generated using the client’s first name, last name, DOB, and gender.
  • Client ID – Matches clients using a provider-specific ID value set by users for that provider domain.
  • Custom Field – Matches clients based on a custom field selected from the dropdown list.


Updating Demographic Data


  • Always update (Default) – CAREWare updates the client’s record to match the incoming values for all demographic fields.
  • Never Update – CAREWare makes no changes to demographics records using the incoming data.
  • Update only for NEW clients – New clients added during import will be updated to match the incoming records. No changes will be made to existing clients.
  • Only update new values – New clients added during import will be updated to match the incoming records. Existing values will be updated ONLY if that value has changed since the last time this client was imported to this provider.
  • NOTE: For all update options, an incoming blank value will NEVER delete an existing value, regardless of the update option chosen.


Update Race/Risk Factors/Insurance Types


  • Always update (Default) – Updates existing values to match those being imported.
  • Never Update – Existing values are not changed.
  • Update only for True values – Only updates when the incoming value is True.



ADAP Import Options


How to Handle Insurance


  • Use the insurance type specified… – Imported insurance records override the client’s current insurance in CAREWare.
  • Use the client’s current insurance type… – Ignores imported insurance records.
  • Do not use insurance – Insurance is not considered during the import.


Number of Days used to determine drug overlap


An incoming Drug Payment record will not be imported if it overlaps an existing record. A record is considering overlapping if the Drug Payment Date is within +/- the Number of Days value of an existing record. If the Number of Days is set to 0, then incoming records to not consider overlapping dates. If an overlap is detected, the record will be flagged as such:



Service Options


Service Matching


  • Standard – Matches service records based on the client, provider, service date and subservice code. Unduplicates services based on the incoming file – duplicate services will not be added, but the services will match what is imported in this file. Ie if there are two of the same service in the incoming file, then those two services will be the result no matter how many times that file is imported.
  • Always add – CAREWare adds new services for all service records in the import file.

NOTE: This may lead to duplicate services being imported.

  • Service PK – Matches using the srv_pk value.
  • Match on custom field – Services are matched using a custom service field(s) selected by clicking Configure Service Matching Custom Fields and saving a selection.



Provider Data Options


  • Update provider information – Updates provider domain information—for regular or ADAP domains—using records imported in the exp_provider table.
  • Automatic Import – CAREWare will process any records that are ready to process automatically. If unchecked, a user will manually have to process the import once validated.
  • Match CAREWare values – Assumes that incoming referential values match CAREWare values, eliminating the need to do extensive value mapping.
  • Automatically Import Setup Data – Imports a provider domain's setup data using metadata tables in the import file.
  • Delete Completed Records after Process – CAREWare will purge records that were successfully import from the holding tanks once the import is processed.
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