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File Management
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ADAP Drugs File

ADR Documents

ADR Location Client-Level Data Elements

CAREWare Abbreviations

CAREWare Fields used in CORE Performance Measures

CAREWare Fields used in HAB Performance Measures

CAREWare Permissions

Common Storage Settings

Conninfo for HL7 Socket

Converting PFX file to Apache style certificate for CAREWare

CSV File Specifications

CSV Import Specifications

CSV Import Template

Custom Report Field List

Data Dictionary cw_data

Data Dictionary cw_pdi

Form Designer Data Dictionary Controls

Form Designer Data Dictionary Control Properties

Form Designer Data Dictionary Form Properties

Form Designer Data Dictionary Properties

HIV Prevention Acronyms and Definitions

HL7 Indexes

ICD9 Diagnosis Code Activation Procedure

MDB Template

Medications Import File

OWASP ASVS aligned Risk Assessment

Orphaned Record Cleanup Query


PDIMDBConverter DLLs

PDI CSV Performance Measure Data Elements

PDI CSV Performance Measure Field Map

PDI MDB Performance Measure Data Elements

PDI MDB Performance Measure Field Map

Provider Data Import Specifications

RSR Documents

SQL PDI Template Click here for CSV version

Why Host with JPROG


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Why_Host_with_jProg.pdf Data_Dictionary_232.csv Orphaned_Record_Cleanup_Query_Updated_202449.doc SQL_PDI_Data_Dictionary.csv SQL_PDI_Template.csv SQL_PDI_Template.pdf CAREWare_CSV_File_Specifications.pdf Converting_PFX_file_to_Apache_style_certificate_for_CAREWare.pdf PDI_CSV_Performance_Measure_Field_Map.pdf PDI_MDB_Performance_Measure_Field_Map.pdf PDI_MDB_Performance_Measure_Data_Elements.pdf PDI_CSV_Performance_Measure_Data_Elements.pdf CAREWare_6_CSV_Import_Specifications_v10.pdf CAREWare_Permissions.pdf CAREWare_Abbreviations.pdf HIV_Prevention_Acronyms_and_Definitions.pdf CAREWare_6_Provider_Data_Import_-_Specifications.pdf AddAndActivateDiagnosisDefinition.pdf AddAndActivateDiagnosisDefinition.pdf Form_Designer_Data_Dictionary_Properties.pdf Form_Designer_Data_Dictionary_Form_Properties.pdf Form_Designer_Data_Dictionary_Controls.pdf Form_Designer_Data_Dictionary_Control_Properties.pdf Common_Storage_Settings.xlsx ADR_Location_Client-Level_Data_Elements.pdf CAREWare_Fields_used_in_HAB_Performance_Measures.pdf CAREWare_Fields_used_in_CORE_Performance_Measures.pdf Custom_Report_Field_List.xlsx HL7_Indexes.xlsx
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