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SQL Queries
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Advanced Indexing Options

Business Tier service stops due to Performance Measure issue

Cleaning Holding Tanks

Create Database

Custom Field Usage by Provider

Delete Orphaned Clients

Delete Duplicate Tests

Error adding labs in 172

Financial Report Totals correction query

Find Client Issues missing client custom records

HL7 Index out of range error HL7PIDSegment is null

Import Error Resolution to Allow Nulls for Data Source Columns

Maintenance Query

Merge Client Error Resolution

Missing HL7 Mappings Query

Orphaned Record Cleanup Query for services

Unmapped HL7 Providers Fix

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Custom_Field_Usage_by_Provider_query.txt Business_Tier_stops_Query_to_detect_performance_measure_issue.pdf Orphaned_Record_Cleanup_Query_Updated_2024222.pdf Merge_Client_Error_Resolution.pdf Find_Client_issues_Update_missing_client_custom_records_to_resolve.pdf Delete_Duplicate_Tests_2023_8_14.pdf Delete_Duplicate_Tests_2023_8_14.pdf Import_Error_Resolution_to_Allow_Nulls_for_Data_Source_Columns.pdf Financial_Report_Totals_correction_query.pdf Orphaned_Record_Cleanup_for_Services.pdf Qualitative_test_result_code_table_query_to_fix_error_adding_labs_screenings_screening_labs_annual_screenings.pdf Resolve_error_for_merge_client.pdf Cleaning_Holding_Tanks.pdf Create_Database.pdf Maintenace_Query.pdf Advanced_Indexing_Options.pdf
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