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Healthy Start Version History
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This page shows changes to CAREWare, including bug fixes and new features, and it indicates the HRSA reports for which the builds were created.

Note: Click here for bugs listed by their reference ID.



Build Date 8/12/2022


Made changes to custom report fields.



Build Date 7/27/2022 Passed Tester 8/3/2022


Fixed issue with MyReports CMS# 4419
Fixed issue with vital signs CMS# 4401


Build Date 6/10/2022 Passed Tester 6/13/2022


Fixed issue with Healthy Start forms (CMS# 3962)
Fixed issue with lists (CMS# 3756, 3755, 3740)



Build Date 6/3/2022 Passed Tester 6/9/2022


Fixed issue with provider summary (CMS# 3737)
Fixed issue with eligibility (CMS# 3514)
Fixed issue with form designer (CMS# 3501)
Fixed issue with date format (CMS# 2240)
Fixed issues with form designer (CMS# 2319, 2075)
Fixed issues with user message (CMS# 3254, 3256, 3268)
Fixed issue with menu link column selections (CMS# 3365)
Fixed issue with financial reports (CMS# 2073)
Fixed issues with custom subforms (CMS# 2158)
Fixed issue with clinical setup (CMS# 1854)
Fixed issues with bCrypt for .NET Framework (CMS# 1273)
Fixed issues with lists (CMS# 2734)
Fixed issue with system information timeout setting (CMS# 2312)
Fixed issues with custom reports (CMS# 2310, 2273, 1854)
Fixed issues with performance measures (CMS# 2324)
Fixed issues with provider management (CMS# 2664)
Changed HIVQM Format (CMS# 2776)
Fixed issues activating HOPWA (CMS# 2658)
Fixed issues activating medications (CMS# 2751)
Fixed HSMEDII Validations (CMS#2255)
Fixed HSMEDII Report
Created new Healthy Start Monthly Aggregate Report drivers
Fixed column labels
Changed Healthy Start Form logic
Changed completion dates fields (TTP# 5299)
Fixed Insurance Assessment tab (TTP# 5136, 5137, 5138)

Build 104
Build Date 12/14/2020

Fixed values for HSMED-II report.
Fixed invalid date issue for HSMED-II report.

Build 103
Build Date 12/8/2020

HSMED-II report now includes data prior to November.
Fixed values for HSMED-II report.

Build 100
Build Date 12/2/2020

HSMED-II report can now be run as XML.

Build 98
Build Date 11/23/2020

Fixed permission issue for common notes.
Healthy Start HSMED-II report can be run as CSV.
Fixed issue with Aggregate Report.
Fixed issue with client merge.

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