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The Performance Measure Groups feature of CAREWare produces a single report with multiple performance measures for HIV Quality Management (HIVQM) reporting in the Electronic Handbook.

Instructions for Performance Measure Groups are found here.

Exporting the measures requires four general steps.

  1. Create or add measures to a group
  2. Run the group of measures
  3. Check the results
  4. Export the file for HIVQM reporting

Choosing Performance Measures

For HIVQM reporting, organizations choose from HRSA-defined performance measures for Ryan White recipients. The measures are divided into nine categories.

  • Core
  • All Ages
  • Adolescent and Adult
  • Children
  • HIV-Exposed Children
  • Medical Case Management
  • Oral Health
  • ADAP
  • Systems-Level

Accessing Performance Measures Groups for HIVQM

1. Click Reports

2. Click Performance Measures

3. Click Performance Measure Groups

Performance Measure Export Groups Options

Evaluate – Run the performance measures in the group

Add – Add a new performance measure group

Edit – Edit the performance measure group

Delete – Delete a performance measure group

Select Performance Measures – Select performance measures to be included in the group


Create or Add Measures to an HIVQM Group

1. Click Add

2. Enter a name for the group

3. Click Save

4. Highlight the group name and click Select Performance Measures

5. Check the performance measures to be included in the HIVQM reporting group

6. Click Save


Run the Group of Measures

Highlight the performance measure group name and click Evaluate

Performance Measure Settings

Change – Set the date range for the report

Open in New Tab – Opens the report in a new browser tab

PDF – Creates the report in PDF format

CSV – Creates the report in CSV format

List View – Opens the report in CAREWare and allows viewing of client lists for each measure

Set to Last 365 Days – Quick setting for a date range of the last 365 years

Set HRSA Submission Timeframe – Select the year and reporting period (i.e., grant year) for the report

HIVQM Format: Creates the report in a format for uploading to the Electronic Handbook


Select a Date Range for the Report

For HIVQM reporting, use the Set HRSA Submission Timeframe option


1. Click Set HRSA Submission Timeframe



2. Choose the Year for the report



3. Select the reporting period



4. Click Save



Check the Results

Check the results of the report by running it as a PDF or opening it in a new tab.

The resulting report shows the numerator, denominator, and percent for each measure.

Export the File for HIVQM Reporting

The Electronic Handbook requires HIVQM data be submitted in a specific CSV format. The HIVQM Format option produces a report that includes the following data.

1. Click Change in the Performance Measure Settings

2. Select HIVQM Format

3. Select Save

4. Select CSV to export the report

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