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Data Translation Module
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The Data Translation Module (DTM) is a CAREWare feature designed to parse flat text files in a CSV format so that they can be easily imported through the Provider Data Import (PDI). After required configuration and mapping processes are complete, this utility can be automated and will look for incoming files in a specified folder on the CAREWare server.

Setting up DTM Imports

To Access DTM Import settings:


  1. Click Administrative Options.
  2. Click Data Import and Export Features



  1. Click Provider Data Import.




  1. Click Import Settings.




To add a DTM source, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Add.
  2. Select DTM as the Source Type.
  3. Enter a Source Name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Save.




For more information about the import settings click here.


The DTM includes a Configure DTM Specs link that is unique from other import source types.



Adding DTM Specs  

To manually add DTM Specs, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Configure DTM Specs.
  2. Click Add.  



  1. Enter the Spec name.
  2. Enter a Search String.
  3. Click Save.



Spec Name – Name of the given Spec.

Uses Header – If the top row of the CSV File contains Headers, this must be checked.

Search String – Refers to the file name. The imported zipped file name must include the Search String value. See above for an example setup.  

Source Folder – Complete Path of the folder to check for files. Used for folder file drops. File folder path must be set up on the CAREWare server.



Adding DTM Field Mappings to a DTM Spec  


After adding a DTM Spec, the DTM Spec can be configured by setting the field mappings.


  1. Click the Spec Name to highlight it.
  2. Click Edit Field Mappings.



  1. Click Upload Sample CSV Source File.


Note: A Sample CSV Source File is a template of the imported client data that contains the same columns as the import file. Uploading the Sample CSV Source File populates a list of columns from the import files to be matched with CAREWare template fields.




  1. Click Choose File.
  2. Click the sample file.
  3. Click Open.

  1. Click Process File.


Make sure to use the correct delimiter when uploading your files.  In the screenshot above, the delimiter is a comma--this is the most common option.


The example below shows the exp_service specification. Map the fields accordingly; if service date needs to be mapped, select the position/header that matches with that data. In this case, Service Date is mapped to srv_date.



Select Template Field – Opens the list of CAREWare fields for mapping the Source File Header or Example. 

Configure – Settings for the Source File mapping, which includes Match Types to create unique functions. 

Add – Adds a blank Source File Header or Example, which can be configured with unique functions.

Delete – Removes the mapping to the Template Field or deletes an added row.

Upload Sample CSV Source File – Uploads a template of the import file for mapping the columns to CAREWare fields.

Back – Returns to the Configure DTM Specs window.

Print or Export – Exports the list of mappings.

Hide/Show Columns – Columns can be unchecked to remove them from the screen or checked to add them.


To complete this mapping, follow these instructions:


  1. Click Service Date to highlight it.
  2. Click Select Template Field.
  3. Locate srv_date in the list.
  4. Click srv_date.
  5. Click Select Template Field.


Map the rest of the columns the same way.


Note: The list of field names can be reduced by using the Search field to look for related terms. Example: In this case, using the terms exp_service, srv_date, or date reduces the number of possible fields in the list.


Once mapped, verify that the correct template field matches with the selections. Here are some notes to keep in mind:  


New Clients - New clients can be added from records other than exp_client. However, URN fields are required within the record in order to add new clients. When matching these URN fields, make sure to match them to exp_client.



Client ID Matching - If matching by ID, make sure to use the corresponding match_id based on the record being imported. If exp_service is being imported, for example, then match the Client ID with the match_id of exp_service.  


Importing DTM Specs


If there are previous DTM specs from the standalone version, it is possible to import those directly into CAREWare. To prepare these files for import, locate the Data Sources folder configured within the external DTM.




Inside the Data Sources folder, find the CSV Spec to be imported and open it. Once inside, right click on the Mapping to be imported and compress it into a zip folder. This zip folder can now be uploaded to CAREWare.



Importing DTM Files  


There are two ways to import DTM Files to CAREWare. The first way is to import it manually like any other PDI file. This method requires the DTM file to be zipped alongside an exp_provider.csv file. Within the exp_provider file, there are three columns: prv_pk, prv_name, prv_source. prv_source refers to the Source Name discussed in the import settings section of this manual. This must match up with the Source Name given within the import settings.


That file is then uploaded using the New Import option in the PDI. Here are instructions for New Import.



The other way to import DTM files is through folder dropping. When setting up DTM specs, a source folder can be specified. This source folder will import any DTM file that matches up with the Search String provided. This method does not require exp_provider.csv.


Both methods import the data into its respective holding tanks. The progress can be seen on the Import Queue/Import History screen. For additional instructions for the Import History screen, click here.








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