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Instructions for Migrating CAREWare to a New Server
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Migrating CAREWare to a new server requires moving a backup file of CAREWare to the new server, installing a SQL Server Database instance, restoring the database using that backup, and then installing CAREWare on that server.

To migrate CAREWare to a new server follow these instructions:

  1. Create a backup.
  2. Move the backup to the new server.
  3. Install the SQL Server Instance.
  4. Restore the CAREWare database using the backup.
  5. Set cwbt as the database owner by running the query: Exec sp_changedbowner cwbt.
  6. Install CAREWare on the new server following the instructions here.

We recommend installing the latest version of SQL Server. CAREWare is compatible with the latest version of Windows Server.

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