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Attachment Settings
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CAREWare uses custom controls to store attached documents, which can be viewed and uploaded from any custom field location. Attachment Settings determine where CAREWare stores those records, how large those files can be, and which file types are allowed.


TransferAttachmentData – Once the storage location is changed, the attachments can be moved to the new location by clicking TransferAttachmentData. This transfers the attachments from the cw_attachments database to the folder or from the folder to cw_attachments.

Max Attachment Size (0 for no limit) – Sets file size limit for each file uploaded. The value for this setting is in bytes. Entering 5000000 would set the maximum file size for uploads as 5 MB.  The default value is 5000000.

Restricted Attachment Types (.exe;.DLL;.VBS;.BAT;.SH) – Prevents users from uploading specific file types.

Store in database – Sets data storage to the cw_attachments database in SQL. If that database doesn't exist, CAREWare creates the cw_database the first time a file is uploaded.

Store in folder – Sets data storage to a selected file folder location.

Folder Path – This is the file folder location CAREWare stores attachments when Store in folder is checked.


Note: Store in database is a legacy feature. CAREWare currently recommends using Store in folder as long as proper backup management is maintained for the folder(s).


Some users have reported complications with storing attachments in SQL, including:

• The database can become too large, exceeding SQL Express limits.
• The backup files can become very large and hence difficult to manage.
• Migrating a large CAREWare attachment database to a new server can be difficult as well


In addition to the settings listed under Attachment Settings, CAREWare stores a number of settings for attachments in Common Storage Values.

















Settings listed under Can Update as Editable in List can be edited here in Common Storage Values without restarting the CAREWare Business Tier service.


AttachmentDBCreate is Readonly. CAREWare sets the value after determining if the cw_attachments database has already been created (1) or needs to be created (0).


If there is a bread crumb trail listed in Can Update like restrictAttachTypes, then users can go to that location in CAREWare to adjust that setting. In this case, restrictAttachTypes and SaveAttachmentinDirectory are both updated in Attachment Settings at Administrative Options> Server Management>Attachment Settings.


These features provide additional control to the default features on the Attachment Settings window for data sharing and storage management.


Sharing Attachment Requirement – Providers that use data sharing can set a requirement that providers include a shared document in order to initiate data sharing. This setting can also be adjusted by clicking Sharing Attachment Requirement at Administrative Options>Provider Management in Central Administration.












Provider-by-Provider Sharing includes an option to upload documents required for data sharing at Administrative Options>Provider Management>Provider Sharing Overview>Provider Name.











Run Orphaned Attachment DeleteWhen turned on, CAREWare deletes orphaned attachment records every 12 hours.  Orphaned attachments are records that reference an attached document that is no longer in the stored location--the file is missing from the attachments folder or the cw_attachments database. Deleting these records can reduce errors, improve CAREWare performance, and reduce unnecessary file storage.


Divide Folder Attachments – Once enabled, CAREWare creates new folders to store attachments each time the folder exceeds the limit set for attachmentFolderSizeLimit in Common Storage Values. The attachmentFolderSizeLimit default is 1000 files.


Attachment Archive Check Date – Displays the last date/time the archive process ran for the attachment folder.

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