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Custom Reports for Data Quality
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We have created several custom reports that are useful for identifying data issues to be resolved or to identify data issues for pre-built reports in CAREWare like the RSR. These custom reports can be uploaded to CAREWare by clicking the link below to download the XML file and then uploading the file to CAREWare by clicking Import Custom Reports from an XML file.



ADR Client No Services

Clients by Zip Code Unduplicated

Durable Viral Load

Find Duplicate Labs, Screenings, and Screening Labs No Filter

Genvoya Custom Report by Strength

Invalid eUCI

Mail List with Address

Poverty Level Negative

RSR Client has Service and Missing Eligibility

RSR Eligible

RSR Not Eligible

RSR validation Check issue eligibility status date is after service date

RSR Validation check issue OAHS date is before HIV date

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