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Group Rapid Entry
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Group Rapid Entry allows users to enter an individual service to several clients at one time using a list of clients from a custom report. The first step is to select the custom report and define the service date and subservice for the new records.



Selected Report – This is a custom report selected from the list of custom reports for this provider.

As Of Date – This is the Through Date the custom report uses to create the list of clients.

Do Not Supply Date – If checked, the report users today's date.

Subservice – This is the service to be used in the new records.

Selected Clients – These are clients checked in the list produced by the report.



Once Select Clients is clicked, the results of the custom report appear, including the field selection headers. Each client checked here appears in the Selected Clients list for adding services.


Clicking Next begins the service entry process.



Service Data Setup has two options for completing fields: Get From Report or Direct Entry.



Get From Report only works for fields that are included in the report. For example, if the Service Comment field is included in the custom report field selections, comments from services can be quickly added to the next service entered for that client. This can speed up note taking if the same comment is entered often for that service.


Clicking Continue produces a list of clients and the service to be added for review prior to adding the records.



Click Add Records to add the services to the clients.


If there is an error in the Error column, that may prevent that service from being added to the client.


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