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To enter a new service or make changes to previously entered services click Services.



View – Allows a user to view a service details.

Add – Allows a user to add a new service.

Edit – Allows a user to change a service.

Delete – Removes the service from the client’s record.

Receipts – Adds a payment record.

Print or Export – Creates a printable report or exports services list as a CSV file.


Note: Services are required for the RSR. The service category of services delivered determines what other data is required for the client in the RSR.


  1. Click Add.



  1. Enter Date.



  1. Click the drop down arrow.
  2. Select a service.
  3. Click Next.



  1. Click the drop down arrow for Contract, if applicable.
  2. Select a Contract.
  3. Enter the number of Units.
  4. Enter the Price.
  5. Click Save.



DateThe service date must be on or after the enrollment date.

Contract - Contracts listed are active as of the date selected and have the selected subservice available in a contract item. If the service is only funded for one contract that contract will auto-fill under the Contract field.

Units – Number of units of service. Units are used to calculate the Total.

Price – The cost of the service. Price is used to calculate the total. This may be a default value set in the contract.

Total – The total value for units times the price.


Note – The quality check message regarding eligibility is informing the user that as of the date of this service, that client is not eligible for the Ryan White funding source that service is funded for. The client’s eligibility is updated in Eligibility History under Personal.




  1. Click the service record to highlight it.
  2. Click Receipts.



  1. Click Add.



  1. Enter Date.
  2. Enter Amount.
  3. Enter Source.
  4. Click Save.





To print values in a window click Print or Export to get to the Report Setup.



Click Printable List Format Options to edit the format of printed pages.







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