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HL7 Socket Interface
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The HL7 Socket interface allows users to import data from HL7-exporting EHR applications like Cerner and EPIC.  It continually monitors EHR feeds for incoming clinical data and feeds it into temporary "holding tank" tables in CAREWare, where it is queued for processing.

This allows for the ongoing importation of clinical data without the need for manually importing data on an ongoing basis. Once the clinical data is available within CAREWare, users are able to run reports, find clients, and track patient records as they normally do.

Click here for instructions for installing the HL7 Socket Interface.

Click here for instructions for mapping providers in the HL7 Socket Interface.

Click here for a list of records the HL7 Socket Interface imports and specifications for each record type.

Click here for instructions for mapping test definitions for the HL7 Socket Interface.

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