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Importing Custom Data Using the Provider Data Import
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CAREWare includes several options for customizing client data. Data for custom fields can be imported using a custom Provider Data Import template. The table the custom field record is entered in depends on the location of that field in CAREWare. For example, custom client records are imported from the exp_client table, and custom service fields are imported from the exp_service table.

To import custom fields, a custom field need to be activated for the provider as a custom field template by following the instructions here.

Once the custom fields are activated for a custom field template, those custom fields can be included in a template for importing custom data by following the instructions here.

In this example, the exported template includes custom fields in the exp_client.csv and exp_eligibility.csv tables. A custom field called 1 0 test active for the custom client tabs and active as a custom eligibility field.



This means the exported template has a new column added to the exp_client table and the exp_eligibility tables.




The format for a custom field includes the prefix cst_ and an underscore where there were spaces. So for the custom field 1 0 test, the name of the field in the template is cst_1_0_test. Data entered in that column is imported to that location of the client record along with the other data for the corresponding record. If there is an eligibility status record with custom field data, that custom field data is included for the eligibility record for that date in the client after it is imported.


Imports can also include attached documents, which are uploaded to active attachment type custom fields. Here are instructions for including attachments in imported CSV files.

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