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Bug Resolutions
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In some cases, bugs or functionality issues occur in CAREWare and it can be some time before a new build is ready with a fix for that issue. The links below offer resolutions or workarounds to manage those functionality issues until a build with a fix for that issue can be installed.


Some users reported HOPWA-related errors after upgrading to the RSR build. In some cases, there were errors enabling HOPWA, activating custom fields, and adding poverty level assessments, annual custom fields, and services.  There were also missing contract items and custom subforms. These issues occurred because of a failed update during the CAREWare upgrade. To complete that update and resolve those issues, follow the instructions in the link below.


Resolution for HOPWA issues


Some users reported errors importing and exporting MDB files after upgrading to the RSR build. In some cases, that resulted in errors uploading the MDB file or even CSV files, errors exporting MDB files, errors in the import history, files missing from the import history after importing an MDB file, exported MDB files taking a long time to download, timeout errors importing or exporting MDB files, records like labs or medications missing in the import history, or errors regarding the length of fields in the cw_events file. To resolve those issues, follow the instructions in the link below.


Resolution for MDB import or export issues


Some users have reported issues with HL7 imports after upgrading to the RSR build. Some of those issues include HL7 files sitting in the IncomingHL7Files folder on the CAREWare Business Tier, imported records showing a status of Import Provider is not set, Active HL7 provider settings appearing in the Unmapped Providers list, missing mappings values appearing more than once in the Edit Mappings list, missing mappings for test definitions appearing as a code rather than the name of the test, and clients appearing more than once in the Manual Client Matching list.


Resolution for HL7 Import issues


Many of these issues have been fixed in the latest version of CAREWare. Here is a list of changes to CAREWare by build. CAREWare can be upgraded to the latest build by following the instructions here.

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